Great game. not as good as Tie Fighter, but the better graphics (almost) make up for that.

User Rating: 8 | Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance PC
I loved Tie Fighter + X Wing and was delighted at the opportunity to play this sequel. The core game is just as good with excellent dogfighting and tense involving missions.

Some of the back-story is a little tedious with hammy acting and a slightly overwrought script. But once your tearing up Imperials you'll forget all about that. I also found that the long scripted sequences at the start of missions could make re-playing some of the harder missions frustrating as you had to go through the same 3-5 min sequence before the actual action begins.

Sadly the game is not natively compatible with the latest Direct X drivers and you will have to do a fair amount of fiddling to get it to run. Thought there are several websites devoted to helping you do this. It takes a bit of tweaking to display properly on a W/S monitor, but is well worth the effort.