When playing Star Wars Old Republic I'm reminded of the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

User Rating: 5 | Star Wars: The Old Republic PC
Everything that is right about Star Wars Old Republic is overshadowed by the many things that are so terribly wrong. Where there is great action and cinematics, you also find game defining bugs and horribly scripted dialogue. Where there is an interesting new mechanic like compaions, you find a poorly fleshed out and hard to justify purpose to using it. Where there is an all familiar control scheme and leveling system, you can't help but get the feeling you have done this before, because you have, in every other MMO on the market today.

Star Wars Old Republic is an amazing achievement in gaming 5 years ago, today its just another title that does little to differentiate itself from many that have used its all too familiar game mechanic. While fan boys might claim "it can't be done any better", I point you to games that are in fact shaking things up and are doing it better. Games like Eve Online, Arch Age and Guild Wars 2. The all familiar, target and power mash mechanic was interesting and is near and dear to our hearts thanks to games like Everquest, World of Warcraft and the incalculable amount of others, but in this day and age and at a budget of 200 million plus I can't help but point out if anyone should have done something different it should have been Bioware and it should have been in this game. This games failure isn't what it is, a rather bland remake of yet another version of World of Warcraft with different textures, the problem is what its not, a game that takes us to the next level.

In game reviews, historically speaking it is more than justified to look at what has come before and judge new releases based on what new efforts where made. Take a game like Diablo I and having never played it before review it today. Will it still get the 9.6 it earned many years ago? I seriously doubt it. Well with Star Wars Old Republic, that is exactly what you are doing, you are taking a game that should have been made 5 years ago and judging it using todays standard and like one might expect it just doesn't hold up well and it won't age well.

The biggest issue for me really has been the disapointment of what the game could have been. With a rock solid franchise, an amazing developer and financial support unseen in gaming EVER you would think they would be able to produce something extrodinary, but instead what we got is Star Wars Old Republic. A bland, repetative game you have played before.