Would I like this game? (Huge KOTOR Fan)

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I've never played an MMO except for Guild Wars (No fees/Low risk of disappointment), I'm more a console gamer, and I'm usually more a single player kind of guy.

1. Can I play the campaign without having to register for PVP?

2. Does the game compare to Knights Of the Old Republic and is it worth upgrading my computer just to play this game?

** I will stress that I am a HUGE KoTOR fan.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I've played both KOTOR games and bought this day one.

When playing this, I couldn't help but shake the feeling I'd rather have a KOTOR 3. This MMO does strive to replicate many of KOTOR's strengths, such as a dark/light system, companion interactions (w/ romance), story events, and the RPG battle system, but it all comes off a tad inferior to its console predecessors. However, that's not to say its bad. I love playing the dark side and seeing my actions have consequences, and companion interaction is the best in any mmo to date, which isn't saying much since most mmo companions act like zombies.

Since this game is now free, I would encourage you to give it a shot, as long as you don't obsess too much about losing out on what could have been KOTOR 3.

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Most likely not, because the lore has been "tampered" with to the extent where what we have done in KOTOR 1/2 just don't matter. And the daunting prospect that the decision to be a good sith, should actually be redemption to Jedi status in the world of KOTOR.

Revan has been ruined, to say the least. Without going into too much detail, what you would believe to have been canon, isn't. The Exlie is just as bad as the entire concept of a void in the force.

If you can look past that, and want to focus on indivisual development (i.e. Your created character) then you'd probably like it, considering you can play it for free.

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depends on what you want from the game
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No, you wouldn't.