Dont waste of time to farm,enjoy your game time!

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Now here is my question - why would you choose any other payment method than the paysafecard? i am convinced this is the easiest and safest way to pay for games, actually anything, online...? I am always reading about PP or CC problems and wonder why people havent used this method yet?
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Thanks for your reading and reply,i can sure there many people like this method,at least, i have more than 9hundreds customers,because i have cheap and safe gold and items,
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I just wonder if people really buy these things online. I've seen some kind of wow, sw and other mmos games resources farms on TV but I've never thought it was real. Why do people buy them, isn't farming a part of the game?

Nothing personal, I'm just really wondering. 

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yea i hear ya - never thought people would go for that either, but i guess even in games they become lazy and just want fast results! ;)