At first glance this game is amazing... but quickly becomes a bore.

User Rating: 6.5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP
When i first got this at the store i was excited to crack open the case and start playing. For the first 2 hours i was still thrilled. After that the storyline ended. After the storyline is over i went to check out what other things to do it had... like order 66, and historic missions. order 66 was rather enjoyable but once you get to level 20 and you just can't beat it anymore its really annoying... the historic missions were what i thought were best about the game. :) my personal favorite was being luke and being at that evil pit place... with the tentacles... anyway... you got to run around with all your neato force powers and destroy stuff and it was neat. but it didn't really take all that long to do.

I returned it within the next week.

If your a huuuugggeee star wars fan... which i'm a huge one that would be the only reason to really keep this game. I myself would rather spend that money on a game i could more enjoy. so that's why i suggest to rent this game before you buy it.