Buy this game, its very good gameplay and graphics, but bad camera

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP
Uh, lets see...
The game is fun. Keep in mind that I'm reviewing the UMD version. The PSN copy has better loading since its digital, duh.

+ Pros

* You wield a light saber, and hack away at things. You can choose your color and hilt, if you can find them throughout the game.

* There's a fairly decent variety of force powers, which are upgradeable and extremely fun to use.

* The environments are destructible, and theres lots of stuff to throw at your enemies.

* Sometimes your enemies stay where you kill them, sometimes they don't. Idk why, but thats the way things are. Sometimes they slice in half when you hit them with your saber, sometimes they don't. O well...its fun when it happens.

* Plenty of game modes and unlockables, although the story mode is short, they'll keep you busy for quite a while.

- Cons

* Loading, although it doesn't happen frequently, before each mission theres a long loading session, Sometimes the game stutters during gameplay, and during a cutscene it stops completely for a few seconds.

* Graphics aren't as good as some people say they are. More so during cutscenes, I've seen better on the PSP, and it's no where near God of War CoO by the way.

* Glitches are present. not that frequent though, but it's annoying when it happens

* Oh god the camera. Normally i don't understand why people fuss about the camera, but in this game it does get annoying.

* The menus are really, really, bad. They're easy to navigate, but they look horrible.

That's about it. The sound quality is up to standard by the way. I don't feel that i need to say more, other than, It's a good game, rent it. If you can cope with the technical stuff, the gameplay will go unaffected.

Look at a Youtube vid, see if you like it.