better on console

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP
I think this game is ok on handheld, i would much rather recommend it on console or that you rent it first and see how you feel about the gameplay. This game had massive potential, and while the console fulfilled that this handheld one didnt. I really didnt play this game long enough for a big review so i'll keep this short.

the graphics-8
really good, handheld or console. I think the graphics are really good and live up to star wars standards.

the sound-7
*yawn* didnt think much of it and i usually dont when it comes to star wars games unless they are on the console.

the gameplay-6
i think the replay value is pretty below average since this game revolves a lot around story but its ok. the story actually interested me and i think it was pretty good but that the bosses constantly repeating things over and over again took away the flow of battle. I think that games like this are better of on the console because the graphics and characters voice acting can be tooken to further levels