The Force Unleashed bridges the gap between the third and fourth episodes.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the PSP is not just a cheap port. It packs extra content that wasn't in other versions of the game. The basic gameplay involves your character ,Star Killer, who is the secret apprentice of Darth Vader battling his way across different planets using his lightsaber and various force abilities. Also the environments are heavily destructible making for some interesting gameplay. Spaced throughout the game are various platforming sections and boss fights. The boss fights conclude with quick-time events where you press various buttons as they appear to finish off your opponent. They are unique for different enemies and slightly interesting.

However the gameplay starts to feel kind of repetitive as you fight through hordes of "special"{ and not in a good way} enemies the bosses are much smarter but still the gameplay starts to feel monotonous and sometimes a bit too easy. Also the level design is VERY linear and can be frustrating and in the few areas where it opens up you'll find yourself getting lost. Several other gameplay modes exist for when you tire of the campaign. They are: Order 66 where you survive wave after wave of clone troopers, Force Duel where you various different Jedi in consecutive matches and Historic Missions where you play out scenes from the movies. All 3 of these modes are great and add a lot of replay value to the game but they suffer from the same problems as the campaign.

There are various things to collect along the way during the course of the campaign but there is little incentive to find them . The story however is very good and will keep you interested and and guessing. Unfortunately the facial expressions of the characters are poor stopping you from really liking the characters.

Overall it is a fun game that suffers from some flaws that stop it from reaching its full potential.