This game brings all the good in Star Wars and has (in my opinion) very little potential be a disappointment to anybody

User Rating: 9 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed starts off strong in the moment you start off as the famous Darth Vader and makes its way as you learn where The Apprentice came from and how he was found as a mere child learning the ways of the Dark Side. I had just recently bought this game and am playing it 24/7 as I learn new combos and use the upgrading menu to upgrade my powers like Force Push and my favorite the almighty Lightning. You do all types of missions but you do occasionally find yourself in a feeling of repitition as you sometimes keep going to the same planet but at least it is for the better as you proceed trying to find new rebels to form in your alliance to take over the Empire.
this game definitely packed a punch in all the star wars games and i am certain that even after I (which i am not even close to doing yet) I will definetly keep playing this game for a vey long time.