Needs more clones, less camera space

User Rating: 6.5 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes PC
I gave this a 6.5 because unlike many reviewers out there looking at this game, i see that this is a good game bogged down by a few stupid mistakes.

Graphics wise the game is fairly good. Not stellar or anything, but it looks enough like the TV show to be recognizable.

Now here is what i would change about the game, and if you have already played it you will agree:

1. We are all sick of people forcing jedi down out throats. It has been firmly established that making a jedi feel right, using only 1-3 buttons, is impossible. Force unleashed did it the best, and it still failed to capture it properly.
This game needed to be about the clones, because that was the only fun part of the whole game, and even then it needs some work.

2. MOVE THE CAMERA IN A BIT. all the action is so far away that it was impossible to make out facial features! it was like having nosebleed seats at a concert.

3. The game is EXTREMELY simple. jedi use only 3 commands (one being jump, one being force push, and one being attack)
and clones only use 4!
this isn't a bad thing. sometimes simple is good. unfortunately YODA DOESN'T THINK SO! the amount of tutorial pop ups is very frustrating...

4. The voice of the battle droids... I know it is the same voice actor that is in the series. that is the problem. HE IS TERRIBLE

and finally 5

side scrolling games, that allow full range of movement on a fixed area SHOULD NOT BE PLATFORMERS. any game relying on precision jumping, that by design does not allow any precision, is a recipe for disaster. enough said.

This game is like a beautiful flower, that has been stomped into the mud. It could have been something nice but now it is just a filthy mess.

I would suggest avoiding this title unless you are either a diehard fan of the series, or someone offers it to you for free (and even then you might want to just say no...)