"The shroud of the darkside has fallen, begun the clone wars has"

User Rating: 2 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes PS3
As "my little green friend" has stated this is simply a bad game. Let's begin with the graphics they look like they belong on the PS2 and although it looks alright they are ugly compared to other PS3 games... ok maybe I got spoiled from Batman and the Force Unleashed... but they should have looked more like the cartoon on this powerful system. The game play and camera angles are terrible unresponsive control and I had a hard time with the camera angles where in one scene I had to just guess where I was firing because my guy was on the right hand side of the screen and ALL the action was off screen... I mean come on this is what testers are for. The easiness of the game is just not fun , am playing on Master and it still is way too easy, when you die you start at almost the same place... I realize this is a kids game but it could have been harder for us die hard geeks who pick up and mostly enjoy playing star wars games. The only bright side of this mess was the sound where everything we have come to expect a great soundtrack, great FX and all the actors from the show are here. If you are the most die hard fan of the show it's might be worth a rent or once it goes down to under $20... well then again maybe $15 then I halfheartedly would recommend this if not wait for the force unleashed sith edition to get your next Star Wars fix.