Not a bad game, but not a great game, rent it first

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes X360
Star Wars Clone Wars isnt a bad game. But little flaws with gameplay make it a less than admrable game.
The biggest flaw in the game is the controls. They aren't the worst controls a game have ever seen, but
they are far from the best. You can tell where they tried to imitate Lego Star Wars, and notice even more
where they failed. The jedi controls aren't so bad, they are somthing you can get used to, but the clone
controls are a little more difficult to deal with.

The gameplay is a little repetitave. At first, it isnt that bad and pretty strait forward, but after a
while, you get a little tired of the same thing over and over. The challenges that you find around the
levels are no more than the same thing that you just did in the level, only on a timed period.

All in all, it isn't a bad game. But it is for those die hard Star Wars fans, those who enjoy the Clone
Wars serires, and those who can look past the little downers in the game.