Though extremely short this kid friendly star wars game is very good for a Ds game but very very short.

User Rating: 6.5 | Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance DS
A funny thing happend to me today. My lil brother received a DS for his birthday and i thought i would "borrow" his DS while he was sleeping. And i played his star wars game that i bought for his b day. And i played it and it was surpirisngly good for a DS game. The gameplay was a little weird at first but grows on you and the story was very very short.

The gameplay seems funky the first time you start to play. The moving is very awkward and the attacks are hard to learn. But they start to grow on you eventually and start to get easier. This game is basically controlled by the stylus the whole game. THe only thing not controlled by the stylus is the force power, which you earn from breaking boxes. The combos are cool and satsfying and the battles are very short and unsatisfying. The jedi battles are terrible but to a 6 year old probaly good. The games controls and bland battles make the gameplay not good but the action cutscenes make up for it a little.

The story is short, very short and not very interesting. I read a magazine and got a better story. Its what you would expect from a low budget DS game. Its not all that bad but still could of had alot more work done on it.

All in all this game is ok and should be played by all little kids that love the new star wars show, but if your looking for action, go buy Star Wars Episode III