Star Wars, as good as the films.

User Rating: 8.3 | Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D PC
Based on the novel and comic book series by the same name, Rogue Squadron follows the adventures of a daring group of pilots led by Luke Skywalker and (later on) Wedge Antilles. In Rogue, players take on the role of Luke Skywalker (and Wedge in the last mission) and set out to fight the evil Empire in more than 15 missions in familiar and new Star Wars locations.

The battles all take place in extensive 3D worlds on planetary surfaces (there are no space battles) ranging from the hot sands of Tatooine to the spice mines of Kessel and even the oceans of the Mon Calamari. There are 15 regular missions, plus a few hidden ones:

Tatooine: Luke's desert homeworld.
Barkhesh: A neutral world with hi-tech settlements. Excort a convoy.
Chorax: Protect a downed shuttle and shoot down lots of TIEs.
Corellia: Evolved city-planet. Officer Madine defects to the Rebellion. Home of Han Solo (who has a cameo).
Gerrard V: Beautiful planet being looted. The most annoying level in the game.
Loronar: Imperial Shipyards on Loronar's Jade Moon. Gorgeous night level with lots of low-flying.
Balmorra: Industrial world with Imperial Weapons Factories. Speeder mission.
Kile II: Ex Rogue Squadron station. Take out an Imperial Spaceport.
Kessel: Spice mines and Imperial prison.
Taloraan: Cloud city, like Bespin. No planetary surface in sight, so it's a bit more vertical than the other missions.
Fest: A Hoth-like snow planet. Lots of walkers.
Chandrila: Agricultural planet. Home to Mon Mothma.
Sullust: Volcanic planet. Home of Nien Numb. Bombing runs.
Thyrerra: Forest-planet, much like Endor. Save the bacta.
Mon Calamari: Water world. Home of Admiral Ackbar. World Devastators.
The gameplay is very similar to Shadows of the Empire. You steer your craft with the analog stick from a default third-person viewpoint, you can roll with the R-Button, shoot your primary weapon with B, speed up and slow down with A and Z, and use the C buttons to switch your firing mode, close the wings on the X-Wing, fire the tow cable on the Snowspeeder, drop cluster bombs in the V-Wing and so on. The first missions are still rather simple. Get rid of some probe droids and take out TIE fighters, but not much in the ways of mission objectives. It gets a bit tougher later on, with multiple tasks and the necessity to protect certain installations/crafts.