Star Wars Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire Cheats For PC

  1. Odd captions

    Hold down Alt + V to access the password prompt

    Code Effect
    ovres Turns dialogue mode to captions only. These captions no longer reflect the original dialogue.

    Contributed by: Mewtarthio 

  2. Beginner Level Passwords

    Code Effect
    FERRIER Level 09
    GALIA Level 10
    DENARII Level 11
    SADOW Level 12
    ONDERON Level 13
    ALEEMA Level 14
    CATHAR Level 15
    DOMINUS Final Level
    JABBA Level 02
    ENDOR Level 03
    LACHTON Level 04
    BORSK Level 05
    KROYTIES Level 06

    Contributed by: sleepmode 

  3. Novice Level Passwords

    Code Effect
    KOTHLIS Level 09
    KRATH Level 10
    SIOSK Level 11
    ADEGAN Level 12
    AMANDA Level 13
    AMBRIA Level 14
    SYLVAR Level 15
    MIRALUKA Final Level
    EWOKS Level 02
    CHEWIE Level 03
    DANKIN Level 04
    NOGHRI Level 05
    CHAMMA Level 06
    Incom Level 07
    Kothlis Level 08

    Contributed by: sleepmode 

  4. Standard Level Passwords

    Code Effect
    CHURBA Level 09
    ARTOO Level 10
    SATAL Level 11
    LOBUE Level 12
    DNABA Level 13
    STURM Level 14
    CRADO Level 15
    CARRACK Final Level
    BANTHA Level 02
    KATANA Level 03
    DENGAR Level 04
    PELLAEON Level 05
    ITHULL Level 06

    Contributed by: sleepmode 

  5. Expert Level Passwords

    Code Effect
    KIIRIUM Level 09
    GUNDAR Level 10
    DIANOGA Level 11
    ATUARRE Level 12
    ESSADA Level 13
    PAPLOO Level 14
    NASHTAH Level 15
    PESTAGE Final Level
    ANAKIN Level 02
    KENOBI Level 03
    FORTUNA Level 04
    MODON Level 05
    OMMIN Level 06

    Contributed by: sleepmode 

  6. See the StormTroopers Dance

    After you kill last storm trooper in a mission, hold A, C and T at the same time. It will unlock an FMV of stormtroopers dancing.

    Contributed by: D0ctur N0nevil 

  7. Cheat Code Mode

    Hold Alt and V at the same time to go into cheat mode.

    Contributed by: D0ctur N0nevil 

  8. 'Force Mode' and Special cheats

    To get into force mode, enter the Cheat Code Mode cheat and then type in 'LetGo'. This opens up force mode. While in Force mode, press the + key to decrease your inflicted damage and - to increase it. If you press Alt and E at the same time, you will get extra lives, and for unlimited lives, press Alt and L.

    Contributed by: D0ctur N0nevil 

  9. 'Yoda Mode' and cheat codes

    To go into Yoda Mode, enter in the cheat code to go into cheat code mode. After you've done that enter 'ISNOTRY' as a password. This will enter Yoda Mode. To skip a level, you just press 'Esc'. To select a level press Alt and J at the same time. For the computer to play the game, press Alt and P. To see the FMVs press Alt and M

    Contributed by: D r N o n e v i l 

  10. ''Dark Side'' Mode and cheat codes

    Enter in Yoda Mode and press Alt and V. Then enter in JOINME as a password.
    Press the following buttons to active the corresponding codes.
    Super pilot [Alt] + S
    Toggle debug mode [Alt] + D
    Screen capture [Alt] + C

    Contributed by: D r N o n e v i l 

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