Chronicles of Riddick is what the movie should have been - good

Chronicles of Riddick is truly a great game, and probably the best game based on a movie.

The thing that truly makes Riddick great is the gameplay. It is immersive enough to bring you in, and good enough to keep you playing. The graphics are amazing (it includes some of the best character designs I have ever seen) and the lighting effects are perfect for the game. The atmosphere is dark, and if you shoot out the lightbulbs you can stealth kill everyone. My pesonel favorite thing about the game is the fact that you can kill pretty much everyone. The main flaw though, is the fact that it is a short game. You can probably go through the game in about 6 hours, and, even though there is some replayability, it's not really enough to keep you playing the game for very long. In that sense, it is a rental game, but i would still buy it if the price is low just because it is the kind of game that you can go back to a couple months later and beat again (like Legend of Zelda or Resident Evil 4)

Chronicles of Riddick is a great game, and you should definitly try it out. It is a great game, and is probably pretty cheap at your local video game store.