New game, new setting, New Vegas.

I have been anticipating Fallout New Vegas since the teaser trailer was released, as its predecessor Fallout 3, was a work in art despite the bugs and glitches. When I picked the game up I was optimistic as to whether or not it will live up to its expectations, the promises made my Bethesda and Obsidian. I considered Fallout New Vegas to be a reunion of the old school Fallout concepts with the now 'not so modern' Fallout 3 engine. The two together sounded most definitely promising for a new, but familiar role playing game.

Many say New Vegas is 'just' another Fallout 3 with more glitches, but what is a game without its flaws. Does flaws not set the boundaries for improvement? And this improvement has come for the PC already, as a patch has been released to solve the technical issues that have arose.

* spoilers ahead *

In the beginning as the bright light blinds the player in Doc Mitchell's room I began to wonder what lies outside in the wasteland. Players go through the character customisation process having options to be a male or female, choose hair styles and facial structure. You then undertake several tests that determine your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills/attributes and then your out in the wasteland after Doc Mitchell hands a few items to you, including a 9mm pistol. Hint* before leaving Doc Mitchell's house go into the rooms and take the stimpacks, laser pistols and other misc items that does not result in bad karma.

For those who are aware about the storyline of New Vegas they will know they must find who attempted to kill the player whilst delivering a poker chip to vegas. Then from this arise several questions; why did they want me dead? What is so important about a poker chip? etc. The player has the choice to undertake the tutorial, which I recommend as it rewards you with 50 bottle caps and teaches you about the new aspects of New Vegas such as using plants to make medication.

*end of spoilers*

So what is new in New Vegas that separates the old from the new (New Vegas from Fallout 3). Well not to reveal too much, there is an improvement on the battle mechanics as players can aim through their iron sights to play the game as a First-Person Shooter instead of using V.A.T.S. For those who played Fallout 3 will immediately become familiar with the V.A.T.S system, however there are slight improvements. Whilst using many melee weapons such as a golf club, the player has the choice to deliver a fierce blow by having a particular 'melee move'. For example, the golf club when in V.A.T.S has the ability to use the 'fore' move. These slight improvements do improve the gameplay of the already mere perfect standards Fallout 3 has set out.

There is a new companion wheel which makes companion interaction much more simple for those who are aware of how confusing the Fallout 3 companion options were. Of course there are new weapons, and Bethesda brags double the weapons of Fallout 3 is present in New Vegas. Weapons mods are able to be applied to weapons, being able to attach scopes etc. Then there is the Vegas Strip, and of course players can expect the post-apocolyptic Sin City to revolve around gambling and sex. The player can hire prostitutes either a male, female or robot for that manner. New Vegas does deliver humour wise, as new experiences are available by selection the 'Weird Wasteland' Perk. This perk brings out the humour side of the game, as random events happen with weird music from references to very familiar movies and themes.

Many have asked me... can I play Fallout New Vegas without having experienced Fallout 3? The answer is yes. It may take a while to grasp the concept of this massive role-playing game, but it is a game that should not be missed.

Gameplay: 9/10
New Vegas has improvements for the gameplay, as the experience the players are involved in is unique and can not be missed.

Sound: 10/10
Once again the musicians working on the game have done an excellent job in grasping the theme of Sin City and the wasteland that surrounds it.

Length: 10/10
I spent over 300 hours on Fallout 3, and Bethesda have promised even greater side missions as well as an immerse storyline.

Graphics: 8.5/10
Very similar to Fallout 3, however the bright blue sky and the night lights make the graphics look more crisp and memorable.

Overall: 9.5/10

Fallout New Vegas is a must have for those who have or have not played Fallout. The immerse storyline and gameplay delivers an experience worth playing. If it wasn't for the technical issues I would definitely give this game a 10.

Im out. J.C.