Officers manages to be different and stands out as a large scale operational war game that is rare in the genre.

I played the Officers demo two years ago and loved it so when I saw that Steam had released this game I picked it up as I knew what to expect but like college this isn't for everyone and like Men of War is game attracts a particular war gamer that likes to manage his war in operational terms such as D-Day.

Officers is a real time strategy game where you command numerous units on a huge map (many square miles) and where you can take objectives within each mission. Though the technology and graphics are outdated they do not hinder the gameplay and it runs smoothly a modest system like mine.

The basic strategy is to complete each mission (six total) by taking strategic locations such as factories, warehouses and airfields. These missions are based around D-Day operations in Western Europe on the American side of the war which is a little disapointing since MOW and now COH have the Axis side also.

The differences from those two games mentioned above is that instead of commanding a platoon sized army you command the entire operation like a Grand Strategy game without the Turn Based map.

You have resources you need such as food and fuel that supply you war machine and the supply lines need defended at all times or its over for you. This is something that many strategy games based on WWII don't include but most don't have entire operations in them neither. I like this approach as this is what real generals had to think and act on to be success from Rommel to Bradley.

Many of these operations are nerve wracking as the Germans are always trying to re-take locations you have captured but this also increases the tension when you try to hold them until reforcements come in. Speaking of you can call in tanks, men and artillery/bombing runs (cool effects) to any location that you choose even if it's deep within enemy territory to soften them up. However, there is a fog of war so unless you have been to these areas its not possible to do like in Company of Heroes.

The sound and graphics in the game really need updated and a sound bug sometimes where the sound doesn't work need fixed but hopefully the developers fix this in a future patch.

With the length of the game only six operations it's hard to recommend this to anyone other than a hardcore RTS WWII fan such as myself but these operations can and will take hours to complete if you don't cheat that is. Both France and Caen operations have taken me about two days to complete with about five hours of gameplay.

There is an editor included but the shortcut seems to be not working however there is a work-around (see this forum) for details to activate it where you can add different units and map objects. One guy asked why there were Russian and other units in the games files. I believe they are mainly for multiplayer (yes it has multiplayer) but it's IP address and LAN only and that needs updated as well.

I will give this game a decent score because I like the direction the developers went but it seems they did not get to finish the game as there are lose ends with the story and the other units not present in the main game. If you love the idea of commanding a entire operation on the Western Front during WWII and like being a general as Patton was this is a game you should try.