Mass Effect 2 is one outstanding masterpiece.

It will be relatively difficult to state everything that makes Mass Effect 2 great but I will take a stab at one of the best games in the past decade. Not only did Bioware deliver one spectacular sequel but it also ends with a great bang that makes you heavily anticipate the successor. Finally, for my sanity, Mass Effect 2's health system evolved into a regenerating engine. A huge upgrade from the first Mass Effect. And the over abundance of medi-gels makes progressing through the game less difficult and overwhelming. And Commander Shepard is more badass than ever, being basically built back to life by the pro-human organisation Cerberus (whom you fight with for the majority of the game) with a new outlook and attitude in space. This time around, you get introduced to the new Normandy starship once you come to the realization that you're not completely dead. Which is something I liked because of how immersive and stunning it looks. And you get to fly that bad boy where you please in galactic space. Navigating and exploring planets is a huge must to discover and retrieve important minerals such as Iridium and Palladium to upgrade weapons, armor, ship enhancements and player attributes. The idea of having to recruit and gain loyalties of different species to form an army to fight the Collectors was a nice addition to the game for me. You may go at your own leisure to acquire such species, but gaining their loyalty is a must to survive the end-mission that is bestowed upon you. The world of Mass Effect 2 is similar to the first installment, but with more visually appealing elements and landscapes. Fighting your way through space is a more enjoyable pleasure when you are looking at beautiful scenerios on your journey. It makes the dark atmospheric story a little more tolerable. The guns, combat and the ability to command squad members to use tactics and biotic attacks makes the game very interesting. It certainly helps when you're fighting Geth Primes that have three different over-shields. Just use your warp or overload attacks and you basically burn right through them. The cover system is also a huge upgrade from the first ME but it did seem like Bioware went more towards the Gears of War aspect of duck-and-cover combat, but it is also nice to have in order to get your health regenerated after getting pelted by an army of Blue Sun Mercenaries.

Graphics: 9
Sounds: 8.5
Combat system: 9
Replay value: 9.5

Overall: 9.5

With a deep story, eye popping imagery and a combat system for every age, Mass Effect 2 is one experience that I will remember for many years to come. To sum up my entire review in one word, Mass Effect 2 is simply: amazing.