An arcadey type of game that all gundam fans should enjoy.

Disappointment, that is about what sums up gundam games released in America. It has been some time since they released a worth while gundam, but they finally returned. Gundam Battle Royale puts you in an arcade style game where you must survive for a certain amount of time, or take out certain mobile suits or mobile armors. Before I got this game I really thought I knew almost every gundam, but by the time I was done I had discovered many that i had never heard of. I won't reveal too many, but they have perfect zeong and a couple others that the average fan may not have seen. The game spans the U.C. series and goes from the original mobile suit gundam to gundam zeta, and by the time all is said and done you will have near 80 gundams. You also get to see memorable pilots from the gundam and zeta gundam series'. The story mode is a long journey and it is also very difficult. While you can probably get past every mission eventually, trying to get an S rank on each one will be hell. Even using the strongest gundam you will have a difficult time. The graphics are wonderful, the gundams are pretty detailed and a lot of the environments are fun. Running through the Hong Kong as a giant robot won't get boring fast. The sounds are kinda what you should expect. I believe a lot of the sound effects and music are actually recycled from past games, but they remain pretty authentic to the series so i don't really have any complaints. As I said before the game will take you quite some time to complete, and there are a couple modes that will keep fans coming back such as the arcade mode where you can go and fight 3 other opponents, or you can even go back and replay any of the levels in the story mode after you complete it. Its well worth whatever price tag it carries.