Don`t tell me i have to save the princess...

So I must say I`m one of the people that think HMM3 was probably the greatest game ever and after playing this fifth instalment i still belive it reigns supreme.
Don`t get me wrong : the graphics in HMM5 tops it all... it`s just astounding, the music and sounds make you blend in what the spirit of this game is all about: Tolkien-like fantasy, but besides an improvement of skills assignement i really don`t have anything else to add for a positive review.
While the gameplay is great the story is just awfull. We no longer have the intricate scenarios from the previous games, but some Grimm brothers story lingering for 6 chapters. (I`m currently playing the 6th...maybe i will have a big surprise ...other than "the hero saves the princess", who in case you don`t know is pregnant with the antichrist or something...).
There are many other issues that reviewers wrote about and i will also point out the most annoying : the lack of random maps or some map editing tools... on top of this the mp mode barely has a handfull of maps...
bugged items/artifacts, the in-battle action bar which gets overwhelmed by the action itself... and ...only 6 races.
In all it`s a great relief that a series i thought it`s dead and buried with HMM4 will continue and i believe at least in terms of graphics that HMM5 is a great improvement and has great potencial. Unfortunatelly we must wait for a couple of patches and hopefully an expansion pack filled up with maps, artifacts, more races and creatures... and for godsake a good story !
PS: I`m giving it a high score `cause i`m a HMM fanboy :p