At first it is odd, but after you get used to it you get hooked

I got the game 2 days after it came out and during the first week I didnt play it much, then i went on a car trip and i played it the whole way. Once i got used to the buttons and when i started to figure out how the multiplayer works(and when my friends started getting the game), i cant stop playing it, i play it every day, and destroy my friends in it too. When ever my friends and I get bored of people useing the noob combo on us in halo 2, we just play metroid together. The Single Player is good too. It helps me with using the weapons, like the sniper. I highly recomend anyone who has a DS to buy the game. I have never really played any other metroid games, but im sure its not much different from the others. And if you like Halo 2 you prolly will like this.