An unrelenting, action packed, hysterical, puzzling, epic, versatile package. A must.

Just a quick break-down of the games.

For those of you who have not played Half-Life 2, I tell you now - get this, it is truly worth at least $100. The storyline is sensational, I always describe it as an interactive #1 box office movie. Voice acting phenomenal, you will not get a better grade of voice acting from any other FPS. The graphics, some say the source engine is outdated, but it has a look that no other engine I've seen has. It runs smoothly, and yet - in my opinion has the most impact on me than any other game (coming from a person who's played crysis, cod4, halo 3, e.t.c.). Somehow, Valve made an engine that runs and looks so well on even the lowest end machines, and yet looks incredible. They somehow managed to make the textures and everything about the game depict the atmosphere you would expect in such an environment. I would take these graphics for this sort of game over, say Crysis's anyday.

Half-Life 2: 8-12 Hours of gameplay
Episode 1: 4-6 hours of gameplay
Episode 2: 6 - potentially 10.

The time it takes you to complete each chapter of the tantalizing tail of Gordon Freeman solely depends on how fast you are, what difficulty you're playing on, and ultimately - how intelligent you are.

The Half-Life series always had a good balance of shooting action, puzzle solving, and uniqueness that no other FPS I played had. Unlike many FPS's today, you have the ability to shoot so many different types of enemies. The life-like feeling that each of the characters in the story possess is truly astounding. The interaction between each other is unparalleled. For those of you who have played Half-Life 2 and/or Ep1, you will not be disappointed. Valve is the only game developing company in which I have confidence in to make an even better sequel. Innovative at that. By the end of Episode 2, you will be begging, if not crying - on your knees, for Episode 3.

Team Fortress 2:

Where to start? Scout, soldier, sniper, spy, pyro, hwguy, engineer, medic, demoman. Nine classes to pick from. This is no battlefield crap. These classes are supremely unique. Different health, far different speeds, many different abilities. The game contains stereotypical, overexaggerated movements and hysterical comic moments, blended with extremely team oriented gameplay. Honestly, you cannot win if you don't work as a team in this game. Each class relies on another to aid itself. The graphics are superb and catchy, the gameplay competitive, but again the hilarious, comic style parts to the game keep you realizing that it is just a game and to have fun.


When I started playing this game, I literally got sick and a little dizzy. I thought 'This is awesome!'. You will do things that blow your mind in this game, and it is so innovative, I do not know how Valve _could not_ make another hit game out of this. The robotic A.I. 'Woman', that leads you through this mind bending game is also hilarious. By the end, I guarantee you'll want more. I do not believe I've ever given a game a 10.0, however considering this is several games in one, and really fits almost every gamers' style; not to mention I truly cannot point out anything wrong with the games besides me wishing they were longer.