A very twisted game that was way too short.

Things I liked about this game:

It's very twisted.
There's a lot of action.
There's not to many puzzles (like that last one).
There's a good amount of weapons.
It was hard. I could only beat it on Easy mode (something I never do) and even that was tough.
Things I didn't like about this game:

Other then the story It's basically the same game as the last.
The camera is really bad.
There's not a very good verity of baddies and only one boss.
It's very short.
The Load times are horrible.

I was very disappointed with this game I feel like a wasted $49.99.

If you liked the first game and you want to find out what happens after the first game you would be the only people I would suggest to check this game out but rent it don't buy it.