I give this one a big ol' "Meh".

While I have to admit that I see why people do like DMC3, sometimes I really do have to wonder what could possibly lead them to believe that it's one of the best games in existence. My biggest beef with this game is it's over-the-top difficulty. Now, I'm normally not too much of a pansy when it comes to difficulty in video games and even in games like Odin Sphere, where the normal difficulty gets quite bloody hard, I'm ok with a fairly ridiculous difficulty so long as there is some sort of an option to tone it down. And some would argue I'm sure that it's difficulty is one of the things that sets apart DMC from other games, but I would disagree and say that if they kept the difficulty more along the lines of say...Prince of Persia, that would have kicked ass. However, other than that the game seemed to be developing a rather interesting arch villain Vergil, and Dante didn't seem like too cliche of a hero (only slightly). The graphics weren't too bad either. Storyline seemed typical-ish (which doesn't really bug me). I dunno the game over-all just really didn't impress me. Certainly not enough to struggle over battles that had me thinking, "Hey, I haven't played that game in a while...".

Or maybe I'm crazy and there was an option or reduce the difficulty level? Can't remember. Either way, most of my argument stands since if I can't beat a game on Normal, it's very rarely because of a lack of skill in my own video gaming ability.