Too much management to deliver the battles you want.

User Rating: 5.5 | Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds PC
Since StarCraft, fans have been wishing for a Star War RTS. Seeing big fleets of Terran Wraiths swarming over Zerg Hives, we all imagined X-Wings making attack runs on entrenched Imperials.

Sadly, the Age of Kings engine was a poor choice with which to attempt delivering this kind of battle.

Let's start with the the foundation: Age of Empires is NOT remembered for the kind of epic space battles that StarCraft delivered. For that matter, there is no "space" at all! This is the game where I remember having to keep a close eye on my peasants to be sure they are picking enough berries or finishing collecting enough meat from the deer they just speared. WAY too much micromanagment in my opinion. it also used diagonal tiles to map out the terrain--a very Sim City-like decision. It is again, more sim than battle.

So, patch over graphics and sounds from Star Wars and the result is... mediocre at best. AT-AT's are tiny enough that you get no satisfaction unleashing them on foes. And your army will look just silly--try the demo. You'll see an unorganized herd of Vader, droids, speeder bikes outrunning foot soldiers, stormtroopers mounted on lizards, and so on. I am sorry to say that while they tried, this game just does not work. Moreso, it is a cheap way for Lucas to grab money--after years of fans asking for a legit RTS, he authorizes A GRAPHICS CONVERSION of ANOTHER GAME? No thanks.