This game takes it's light content and polishes it until it shines.

This game does not innovate. Nor does it bring anything new to the shooter genre on consoles. But it offers extremely fun gameplay that rivals of a full price games. This is why 1943 is so impressive. For a quarter of the price, this game offers 3 maps and a single game mode known as conquest(as seen in other battlefield games). This game has 3 classes and 4 vehicles. On the surface this may seem limited but under the hood is much variety. The three classes are the most balanced I've seen in recent memory and offer distinct ways to play. On top of this there are planes,tanks,and jeeps that offer another layer of gameplay. This game is the very definition of a sandbox shooter. It gives the right amount of ways to play without it feeling overwhelming. This will be the best 15 dollars you'll ever spend on an arcade title and probably on a game entirely.This game sets a new benchmark for what downloadble games can be.