Its something else!!

the game is quite easy, Elika keeps you from falling and truth be said it's quite hard for an enemy to kill when Elika is around to push him back, but the smooth game play, the incredible environments, the amazing story and characters will catch the moment you start playing, it's a game you must buy, the levels are incredible and the fact that you can choose where to go give you a feeling of freedom that the previous game didn't have, the prince´s comments are sharp and funny, while Elika's charm will leave you wanting for more every time you play, you will definitely enjoy playing this Prince of Persia, jus hoping that the sequel (if its meant to be) offers a bigger challenge than this game, meanwhile all we can do is hope for a sequel and some more quality games in 2009 because 2008 didnt have too much "WOW i loved that game"