prince of persia wishes it was this great.

I am a huge prince of persia fan so when I play this game I see the same aspect of prince in this game yet tweaked to almost perfection. This has to be the best sword fighting game I have ever played. The fighting is set at a perfect pace and is not to hard yet not to easy. The way they made it so you could clime nearly everything in the game makes it a much faster pace game considering you can't just run from the guards without climbing and hiding. The leaps of fait are amazing the cinematics the sound the feeling it gives when you jump from some of the tallest buildings at that date. The fact that they went out and made it as historically accurate as possible and still make it as much fun as it is shows what kind of game this is. I feel that when a developer goes out of their way to make a game historically accurate they will put as much time into all other aspects of the game creating a game to surpass all other games. I would have to say hands down a possible game of the year.