Gun is offically the best western ever made, and it's tops for best 3rd person shooter of 2005.

I remember hearing about Gun during E3, and then later that year, to my suprise, it was announced. A action/adventure story driver western with open ended elements. I personally was a big fan of Red Dead Revolver, I thought it did a lot of things right, but it was far from perfect, and almost to cartoonish for it's own good. So to say I was excited about Gun's release was an understatment. The game was devloped by Tony Hawk's own, Neversoft, and it was there first stab outside the skating genre. And for a first effort it's a big leap into shallow water, considering there are no open ended westerns, heck ... there are hardly any westerns at all. But they went in head first and what a tremendous success it is, I can offically declare Gun the best western ever made. The best thing about Gun is it's story and production values, Thomas Jane voices the lead and is supported by great actors and it all shows. The story is one of revenge, mystery and others, but like the sound works really really well and keeps you interested all the way through its, unfortunely, short story campaign. Other than that, Gun is quite an achivment with tons and tons of replay value and like GTA things to keep you occupied long after the story ends.

The game's visuals are decent, the character models are pretty nice to look at, and some of the effects are good as well. The game is not perfect though, some frame rate problems bog down the gameplay from time to time, but very rarely. Some of the texturing can be muddy at distances and even close up. But because of the game's sheer size, we can forgive these problems, because they never detract from the experience. Some of the things worth mentioning would be the fact that the game can be extremely gory at times, you can blow the backs off of peoples head and also pop them like watermelons. So the game is definely not one for the kids.

The sound is also really amazing as the voice acting and script never feel fake and fit the game's atmosphere perfectly. I was personally a big fan of Thomas Jane in The Punisher and his voice fits this character perfectly. All the supporting actors feel real as well, thanks to high production values, something this game almost certianly had.

Overall your not going to find many games that are this much fun this year, the game works on all levels. From the horse riding to the running and gunning, if you are looking for a great shooter, pick this one up, you wont be dissapointed.