Ughh.. at only $10 dollars I feel ripped off.

So I sort of have a fetish for indie or not so well known games. Usually with these titles they are a hit and miss for me. Yet this game (after watching some preview videos) had so much going for it (co-op, interesting setting, cool looking gameplay) that I was in shock over how bad it was and it forced me to write a review to warn other gamers about this game.


Literally there is none it is the future and instead of boats, cars, airplanes, or trains people trade their goods over blimp like contraptions that look like a huge ark tied to a huge zeppelin. Yet the problem is there are pirates attacking them so that's where you come in. You are a no named pilot who (oddly doesn't need to steer his blimp) must defend his cargo and repair specific areas to make sure you make it to your destination A-okay.


Basically this is a defense game where you have to make sure your ship makes it to its destination in good condition. There are 2-5 areas of the ship that you can manually repair and a nice amount of stationary weapons all over the ship to send those nasty pirates back where they came from. Now I know this sounds like an interesting concept and I know I thought it did. I mean here is a pretty decent sized ship, cool looking stationary guns, and infinite ammo how can this game go wrong? well it somehow manages to screw up all the appealing features.

The first problem right off the back is the controls ohh the controls. Now if you want to turn around or strafe you need to use the mouse. Now imagine hitting either right arrow or the "d" key to move to the right like in most PC games not in this game. Instead it physically turns your character to face the right side. Now I wish I could describe it better and I can't the control scheme is all off.

Another problem is the weapons. Now I don't know if its the placement of the weapons or what they exactly do..probably the combination of the both. So there is different variants of guns on your deck. Yet they just don't feel powerful or just seem useful against the pirate ships. One example is a chaingun looking thing. So you are like "cool a chain gun I can totally wipe those pirates out within a minute." Well no this HAS to be the slowest chain gun in the history of videogames. It is very slow firing and it even has a short ammo clip.You have to upgrade it after levels,but still not that useful. Another gun is a BIG turret/rocket launcher thing. Now once again you are like "epic since the chain gun sucks lets see the rocket launcher." Well sadly its pretty useless. The rockets move way too slow to even scratch the pirate ships.Another gun is a massive electricity gun that can take out a big horde, but it takes too long to charge. Also in terms of placement some guns are in very useful areas while most aren't.

Finally the biggest problem with this game is it made mostly for the multiplayer. The ship is too big and there are too many attackers for single player. You could be fighting a whole pirate horde on the right side of the ship only to see 1000 more on the left attacking your ship. There are 2-5 spots where you can repair your ship in specific areas (like the cargo hold,zepplin,engines) but if you are by yourself its too much from fighting to repairing its just overwhelming.


Could be fun if someone was on it. See the biggest reason I wanted this game was for some Co-op fun I think it could handle anywhere between 4-8 players (don't quote me on that though) and to my dismay there was only 1 other player with me. We played a round but I just couldn't have a fun time there is a lack of communications (we couldn't type to each other the game doesn't support it or never told either of us how to) and the game went from over whelming to too easy. We easily managed the pirate horde with our horrible weapons. Yet another map we were totally overrun with pirates and lost. I think it was from both the weapon type and placement of the weapons on the ship. It was just a very bad experience definitely not like the gameplay videos.


Now I am not a graphics whore. I really don't expect a lot from indie developers in the graphics department. Yet this game is just awful to look at. The sky literally looks like a large dirty blue sheet of paper that had drawings of clouds on them. I can not express the ugliness of the game and once again not what was advertised. (PS I can play most games on high with my PC this game was on the highest setting and to my dismay looked horrible.)Also you can play this game on a web browser..so you can imagaine how great they must look.


Guns sound like guns engines sound like engines it was the least I could hope for.


Interesting concept, could have some fun co-op moments, the ship looks cool and you can customize and upgrade it.


Bad graphics, bad controls, the online mode is horrible, can barely play single player, Once you buy it the game is yours forever you can't return it, can't chat with your partner in multiplayer, the placement of weapons,no one plays online,just really disappointing.


This really surprised me in a bad way I really expected a fun time with this game. I really dislike this game if I could I would somehow someway return it but I can't do that since its a digital download title. This seriously gives a VERY bad name to both digital download titles and indie developers. If anyone reads this and thinking about this game just don't it really is for co-op and there is literally no one on this garbage and for good reason.