A short, but nice finger excersize.

If I want to delay the time in Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble, I hold my left index-finger pressed against the L-button. In this delayed reality it is possible to hit dangerous projectiles back to their owners. I can also hit enemies and objects a bit harder, which will make them fly trough the air a bit higher.
These things are something my left index finger also did in the previous Joe games. But my right index finger has learned a new trick !
As long as I press the R-Button with it, I can rub the touch-screen with my left index finger (there he is again!) to make the ground shake.
This shaking has some interesting effects. Frying pans will fall on the heads of my enemies, or a rolling rock will break. If I'm stuck at a certain point I'll just rub my touch-screen, who knows what will happen?
It's kind of nice to make lots of things happen with a few simple finger movements. It gives a powerful feeling, my finger is like the hand of God. And that idea gets strengthened by the rest of the fingerwork you'll have to use.

I press with my left finger in the middle of the touch-screen and slowly pull it left. The effect will be that the screen will be split in two halves, and the top half will slowly go to the left.
This is convenient in various situations. If a platform is too far away, I can simply pull it near me this way.

Double Trouble is less of a combat-oriënted game than the previous Joe games. You still have to fight a lot but it isn't that hard. quite simple and repetitive actually. The challenge in this game is solving puzzles.
As you might understand by now, a puzzle is often based on the manipulation of your screen by using some handy fingerwork.
I liked this aspect, but after a while I got the feeling the developers just wanted to boast with their creative idea's that they could come up with. This kind of creativity is to be respected, but it doesn't mean it'll be a fun and/or exciting game.

I completed this game in about six hours and I had a lot of fun. The flat-looking but still fully 3D graphics were a pleasure to the eyes, while my fingers felt spoiled with all the power they suddenly got.
Tough, something was missing, it feels too made up, maybe it's the fact that there are so many Viewtiful Joe games that have been released. It's getting too predictable.

And that's why I'm going to use my almighty fingers to give a grade that is a bit lower then I would have expected and had hoped.