this is bestest 3-d n64 game man you put the game in your n64 and then your on the castle ground.

Super Mario 64 is the awsomest game this is Mario's first 3-D game their are fithteen courses with six stars and fithteen secret stars and fithteen one-hundred coin stars once you pop in the cartridge and you are on castle grounds this is Mario's first time in this new world this game takes about a week unless you get all a hundred and twenty stars and know whats cool Yoshi's in the game but whats not cool is that Luigi is not in the game and in the 1995 Nintendo Power issue there was a picture with Mario and Luigi in front of the castle but any way the story is about that princess Peach is once again stolen from Bowser wait if you are reading this part then you need to play a Mario game but any way this is my favorite platformer I think you should buy this game but the review is not over if you do not have a n64 then down load the rom