Somewhat Under Developed, But Overall A Good Game, Considering its FREE

Compared To WOW Its Not as Great But Considering That Its Free To Get and Free To Play Makes It Very Endearing To Those Out There That Want To Play MMORPGs On Own Schedule Without Having To Live Their Life In The Game The Quests Are Basically Fairly Decent And Get Logically More Fun As You Level Up. The Game Hardware Requirements Are Moderate But The Graphics Are Quite Decent . The Game as Under Developed But Its Still Young Leaving It A Great Potential To Improve. Although Not As Flashing as WOW Where There is the Towns Have Their Own Building and The NPCs Are Standing in the Open (Which After Getting Lost In WOW Capitals is Actually Kind Nice For A Change) Character Appearance is Rather Basic As There Are Only 3 Races And They Are All Humanish. Although On A Major Plus Side Although You Can Only Rent Them For a Set About Of Time The Mounts Are Available To Anyone After Reaching Lvl 10, Which Comes In Very Handy.