An expansion that adds some variety to an otherwise bland retail mod.

User Rating: 5.1 | Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - Clone Campaigns PC
Galactic Battlegrounds was a glorified mod, it's painfully obvious from the game's presentation. I wasn't expecting much from the Clone Campaigns expansion, and though I was right in my assumptions for the most part its two new factions were at least more unique than those in the original game.

Clone Campaigns has two new campaigns where you control the Confederacy, and the Republic. Oddly enough the game encourages you to play the Confederacy campaign first; despite the fact that neither are really connected at all except for the fact that they take place at the beginning of the Clone Wars. Like in the original game, the campaigns are rather uninspired and dull to play.

Clone Campaigns is obviously the exact same thing as the original game, but the two new factions are at least somewhat interesting. The Republic (which consists mostly of Clone units) can research technology that allows them to pump out basic laser infantry every second, and the Confederacy can train the three arena creatures from Episode II: Attack of the Clones each of them more effective against a certain type of target. Other than that however, unit stats are exactly the same as the original game faction stats. A Clone Trooper recruit has the same percent chance of winning a firefight as a Super Battle Droid or Royal Naboo Security Guard.

The expansion features some new unit and building art for the two new factions, as well as some new music from Episode II. The new visual and audio content is decent, but at the highest resolution you can barely make out the difference between a Clone Trooper and a Stormtrooper.

Clone Campaigns is a decent purchase for fans of the original Galactic Battlegrounds. It's ultimately more of the same, but the two new factions are at least somewhat unique. If you loved GB; you'll probably love CC. If you thought Galactic Battlegrounds was just a dull and uninspired mod for AoE II; then Clone Campaigns definitely won't change your mind.