Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    While playing a game, press ''enter'' and type these codes:

    Code Effect
    SUDDENLY SILENCED Buildings and Units do more damage
    The Force Is Strong With This One Jedi turning is sharper
    forcebuild Build Faster
    forcecarbon Gives 1000 Carbon
    forcefood Gives 1000 Food
    forcenova Gives 1000 Nova Crystals
    forceore Gives 1000 Ore
    simonsays Killer Ewok
    forceexplore Full Map
    tarkin Destroys All Enemies
    forcesight Remove Fog of War
    skywalker Win Mission
    scaryneighbor Create a Regular Boat
    darksidex Destroy an individual opponent. The last character, "x", stands for the number of the opponent whom you wish to destroy.
    The fighters are coming in too fast Faster Aircrafts
    Intensify forward fire power Stronger ground forces
    The most Powerful Jedi Stronger Jedi
    imperial entanglements Creates Imperial Star Destroyer
    Tantive IV Spawns a Blockade Runner
    Galactic Upheaval Spawns a Decimator
    That's No Moon Spawns a Death Star

    Contributed by: ArcticRecon 

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