There was something with this game that made me like it. I really enjoyed it, but I will try not to overrate it.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Force Commander PC
First, the graphics appeal to me. It seems that Gamespot's reviewers do not like dark, foggy graphics, but I do. Although the graphics are might not be too impressive, the setting of the Star Wars universe during the dark times is captured nicely. You'll see all the units and buildings you'd expect from a game like this.

The sound. Now, I digged the music. In almost every other Star Wars game I have played you get that same old classic music over and over again. Not that the SW compositions aren't truly great, it's just that you get tired of everything. This game actually has some pretty neat remixes instead, fitting for the setting. The effects are what you can expect from an average RTS, unique voices for everyone, standard SW laser sounds... Note that on some sound cards you might experience sounds cancelling and such.

The main flaws are in the gameplay.
Like in most 3D RTS games I have seen, the units are rather clumsy and move into eachother, etc. In fact that part is worse in this game than in any other. The units try go go into formations, but it is not too successful. Commanding the units can be very hard on tight maps.
The mechanics take some time to learn, and there is a long three-stage tutorial at the beginning. After this tutorial you jump straight into a rather hard mission which might take some attempts to manage to beat. Some of the following missions might be annoying at times.
I reccommend some Skirmish missions(many bunkers=hard), and multiplayer is really fun when playing someone close to your own skill level. The good thing is, you will soon have to use some wits to defeat the enemy, not just premade one-track tactics.
I found the camera control system(you always complain about this...) to be fully functional, giving you more control than in any other 3D RTS game. Mastering the camera can require some skill though.

This is, from one point of view, the most realistic RTS I have ever seen. No, I'm not talking about any amazing graphics or physics; Please let me explain:
-Rather than being the regular unexplainable commander-god swirling around in the air, you realize that you are on a Star Destroyer. Your computer is the "BHCI", a simulator showing you where everything is, and also allowing you to order your troops around. Maybe it's a cheap explanation but at least there is one...
-You don't mine for gold during battle(ridicolous when thinking about it)... You earn digital Command Points whenever you are successful, for example when destroying an enemy unit or capturing a bunker.
-You won't build units out of materials and individuals coming from nowhere: You order everything from the Star Destroyer or Rebel ship. They are sent down to the battlefield by spaceships.
-The buildings and units are actually in the right proportions to eachother.

If you like both Westwood and Blizzard-style Real Time Strategy games, I can reccommend this game to you. I enjoyed this game far more than for example Generals, which is similar.

It has it's flaws, and you'll need to master them and avoid getting frustrated in order to enjoy the game. Some of the user-reviewers here were clearly just frustrated and had not sufficient patience.