Takes the movie and twists it a bit, but it is too easy barring the boss fights.

User Rating: 7 | Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith PS2
For those that have seen the movie, Revenge of the Sith will take you down a journey that is a little different than what you saw on screen. Some of it is modified and some is from scenes that were either cut, or things that happened behind the scenes. The game fills out the movie, but you find that it gets repetitive and without challenge towards the end.

Revenge of the Sith puts you in the shoes of Anakin and Obi-Wan as they go through the events in the third Star Wars film. The first thing you will notice is that the film sequences they use from the movie are quite stunning for a PS2 release. I was caught back by how good the sequences looked on the PS2. You will also notice that the game characters look good. They definitely look like the characters in the movie.

Gameplay in the game is nice. The controls can get a bit hectic as there are a lot of things you can do with a full fledged jedi and I occasionally got lost on the controller as to what button controlled what function. The game takes you through 17 stages with several sequences in each stage. Normally each stage will end with a big boss.

As I said, your jedi will have many options to dispatch the waves of enemies that will come at you. You have your saber which can perform quick attacks or strong attacks. You can also do jump saber attacks. There are some grapples and of course force powers that round out the attacks. The force attacks are limited to Push, Pull and depending on the side of the force, Force Lightning or Force pursuade.

The attack movements are nice and your characters look fluid, but there is no challenge in the opponents. You can pretty much take anyone out without ever really worrying about death. And this is on normal setting. But this all gets changed around when you meet up with a boss. These guys are tough and you have to go through four stages of a fight to beat them. And if you lose at any point, back to the beginning of the fight and sometimes back to the beginning of the level. This is quite frustrating and makes you just shelf the game sometimes due to having to repeat the level over and over.

You do have skill points that you earn for your character which you can boost your character with. You get more points depending on how you kill bad guys. The more style and combos you use, the better the skill points. You apply these points to force powers and attacks so you will be ready for the next boss fight.

Even though I had issues with the game in general, the graphics are quite amazing. The characters are amazing as I said before. The detail that was put into them was quite nice. They definitely look amazing. It adds to the immersion of the game. The environments were nice as well, but some times could get a bit generic or repetitive. But they do have a lot of detail. Lighting and special effects were top notch.

As with any LucasArts Star Wars production, having access to Skywalker Sound Studios makes for having impressive effects. All the sound effects and music we have come to love are here in full effect. Also, several of the film's stars voice their characters. The only voice over that was a problem was Anakin. Mat Lucas sounds like he is on a valium/quelude binge. I mean I thought Ducuvoney was bad in XIII, but this guy challenges him for worst - voiceover - EVER. I mean you can just tell that James Taylor took the voice over stuff seriously, but Mat Lucas just sound dead.

I will say that I did like playing the game. It takes you through sections that you did not see in the movie. Like going though the underbelly of the ship to get to Grevious, or the destruction that Anakin does in the Jedi temple. You get to see characters and locations that were not in the movie. It rounds out and complements the movie in a nice way. It is just a bit too easy until you get to the end sequences. You do get a lot of unlockable art and there are several other modes that I did not cover like challege modes and dueling modes, but I never really found any interest in going back to look at them or play them.

Overall, i would say that if you are a Star Wars fan, you will want to play the game and it is probably worth a buy. But for the rest of the world, rent it and enjoy the main game.