This game rocks! My first Sim game and the DS version is awesome.

I made the mistake of getting my first Sim's game for my DS system. It's a mistake only because it does not compare to the PS2 versions of the Sim's. The game play of The Urbz compared to other Sim's is more fast paced and you make your Sim move to the object you need. I like it much better than telling your Sim what to do. The minigames are unlocked to make money and you can make a bunch. The Urbz: Sims in the City is very addicting. I literally play my game for hours. I had to put it down so not to get disappointed about having it end. I recently purchased a PS2 system and got The Sims. It is SO different from the DS/GBA version. The graphics are so much more cuter. The Urbz is so much more fum. The Sims is boring compared to the hand held games. I will try the PS2 version of the The Urbz. I hope the come out with The Urbz 2,3,4,5,6,7...etc. I would pay any amount of money to play any other Urbz!!!