Star Wars: Episode I Battle for Naboo Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Extra levels!

    If you beat the game with all bronze medals on each mission, you will unlock the ''Trade Federation Secrets'' level.

    If you beat the game with all Silver medals, you will unlock the ''Couruscant Encounter'' level

    If you beat the game with all Gold medals you will unlock the ''Dark Side'' level.

    Contributed by: General Eric 

  2. Sith Infiltrator

    To unlock the Sith Infiltrator without cheats, complete every mission with a gold medal on it.

    Contributed by: PT 

  3. AAT

    To unlock the AAT without cheats, beat every mission with a platinum medal.

    Contributed by: PT 

  4. Secret Platinum Medals

    To unlock this medal, you need to get near perfect stats on the level. The requirements to get it well NOT show up when you beat the level.

    Contributed by: PT 

  5. Passwords

    At the Passcodes Screen:

    Code Effect
    MEMEME! View Credits
    DARTHMAL TIE fighter
    WAKAWAH! Unlocks all ships
    RHUBARB! Swamp Speeder
    EOCOAROS 1969 Buick Convertible
    &&A!AT AAT Tank
    ADEGAN Advanced Lasers
    LEC&FIVE All Levels Unlocked
    OVERLOAD All Upgrades
    DRJEKYLL Bouncy Levels
    TOOWEAK? All Regular Levels
    BOOM!? Advanced Bombs
    CANTMISS Homing Torpedoes
    ?NUNAPWR Advanced Missiles
    WAKEUP Concert Hall
    LCK&LOAD Double Secondard Weapons
    BYENABOO Coruscant Encounter
    BADTEMPR Dark Side
    NASTYMDE Hard Mode
    TALKTOME Developing Team Comments
    EWERDEAD One-Hit Kills
    SIENAR&! Sith Infiltrator
    RUAGIRL? Pink Ship
    KOOLSTUF Showroom Art
    LOVEHUTT View Development Team
    DROIDKA Advanced Shields
    PATHETIC Infinite Lives

    Contributed by: matt91486 

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