Ryu is back in the greatest and most challenging action adventure game on Xbox.

Ninja Gaiden Black is an enhancement of the original Ninja Gaiden. The game includes both the hurricane packs that became available for download some time after the release of NG. Some new weapons, new cut scenes, new enemies and 50 new missions for you to complete after the story mode. The game now also includes 5 different difficulty levels.

Ninja Gaiden totally blew us away when it was first released early 2004. The graphics haven't been changed but the game stills looks great. The game looks pretty stiff, but still awesome. Ryu's moves look very good, and the gravity is very realistic. Cause I hate games where your moves are way to slow to actually be possible on earth!

All the sounds in NGB are awesome. The music is memorable and the sound effects are very nice. The voice overs are just superb. All the cut-scenes come to life thanks to great acting.

Ninja Gaiden Black has a very classical gameplay. Your job is to fight a lot and solve puzzles. The puzzles aren't that hard, so it's actually all up to the fighting and jumping. But this game is not easy I can tell you that. I've actually owned the game before, but I sold it because I gave up, but now I bought it again cause it's so good!! I consider myself a good gamer, and I haven't had any problems with games before this game. But this game is incredibly hard. The first couple of levels are hard enough the first time, cause you don't really get taught how to fight, you have to learn it youself, like a real ninja would! The game features a total of 16 levels, and a huge number of missions for you to play afterwards. And with the game being this hard, this game will last for ages. Ryu has got many different weapons with their own fighting moves, and this is excellent cause all the weapons are so cool. Especially the new lunar staff is awesome, Ryu goes mental! You can also upgrade your weapons, which'll make them both stronger and unlock new fighting moves. This is done in some kind of store, where you also buy health potions and ammunition. The game is never boring, nor tedious. The gameplay is close to perfection. And having said that this game is brutally hard, it's hard in a good way. You actually have to learn the enemies moves, figure out how to beat them, and not just use ridiculously long time or so. Every boss can go down pretty fast, and this is what makes this game really shine. You have to train on open fields, master your sword and become a true ninja! This is among the best action adventure games out there and is a must-buy for every fan of the genre, or any fan of how hard games where in the old days.

Good graphics. Ryu looks awesome doing his fighting moves. Many different weapons. The game is hard and pretty long. Unlockable missions. The old original Ninja Gaiden 1, 2 and 3 can be unlocked. You have to become a ninja to really master this game. Awesome cut-scenes.

There could have been more Japanese environments, and not all the caves and cities.