Katarn fills in the gaps

User Rating: 8.7 | Star Wars Dark Forces PC
Okay, it's kind of dated and the graphics have the resolution of a cell phone, but back in the day, Dark Forces delivered. The story was amazing and when I was a kid, following the adventures of Kyle Katarn was highly addictive.

Although the game has no multiplayer, and this has been said many times by others, it does offer a great single player story mode with a great mix of maps. And you get to uppercut stormtroopers 20 feet into the air! Furthermore, the game explores the timeframe between episode 3 and 4. Alright, there was no episode 3 back then but it was still fun to see how the rebellion got the plans to the death star and how the Dark Trooper came to be. Most people who play battlefront can't figure out where the Dark Trooper even came from. I find it's kid of fun to see Lucas going vintage on his modern games and bringing back a classic villain.

Weaponwise, it was just your basic rifles and such, but a few stood out, like the five barrelled blaster and the shockwave gun, they were always fun to shoot.

Anyways, it's a timeless classic, no two-ways about it.