Amazing, fabulous game! Highly recommended, specially for nostalgic players. A must-have for Star Wars fans!

User Rating: 9.3 | Star Wars Dark Forces PC
Ten years ago, when Dark Forces was released, I couldn't believe my eyes. By that time, I was just like eight years old, a huge Star Wars fan, and I was actually playing a Star Wars FPS!
This is an incredible game. The graphics are obviously outdated nowadays, but they were great in those times. The sounds of the weapons, the blasts, the stormtroopers and imperial officers calling you names like "rebel scum" are just great. And the music, taken from the original movies, composed by John Williams, is really good and goes perfectly along with the game.
The game takes place before episode IV. You are Kyle Katarn, formerly an imperial trooper, now working for the rebelion, stealing plans and info, blowing up stormtroopers, etc. You will have a good quantity of varied weapons, and other stuff to help you achieve your objectives.
The story is really good, considering that FPS in those days didn't have much of a plot, except to shoot and destroy anything that standed between you and the next level.
To sum up, Dark Forces offers a lot of entertainment, to anyone willing to play a good FPS from the old days.