Little Link is on an adventure . . .

GameBoy had some great games and those that weren't so great . . . but you can trust in Link's Awakening. The basic story is that Link has decided to go sailing after saving the land of Hyrule but gets caught in a storm. When he awakens, he is on a distant island, amongst people and monsters he has never seen before. There is something odd about this new land, but he quickly discovers that he can solve the mystery by going from dungeon to dungeon and collecting musical instruments.

The game has all the basic elements of a LOZ game. Link starts with nothing but quickly acquires a sword and shield. You collect rupees and items throughout the story, from a feather than lets you jump over gaps to magic powder that has different effects on different items. The two standout different items in this game are the powerup items. The acorn and the triforce shard power up Link for a short time to take less damage or cause more destruction.

The controls are simple considering the system. The overhead view is what worked in the original, so they used it here too. The music is nice for a GameBoy game and while this version was not in color, it provided good graphics and a smooth transition between screens.

Thumbs up, way up!