By far the best DK game.

A classic twist to the original Donkey Kong series. The classic bongos are used for jumping, running, and defeating. This Donkey Kong game is action-packed and perfect for everyone (ages 10+.) From apes to birds to hogs, this game the best foes (such as Karate Kong), coolest battlefields, and great fights. Play as Donkey Kong as he fights to the end in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Donkey Kong transforms from a villain to a hero in the epic adventure of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Tap and clap your way to victory in this amazing Donkey Kong adventure. This is my personal favorite Donkey Kong game, and I'm sure all of you adventure lovers will find yourselves addicted to this game in no time. I know found myself addicted after the first few minutes. That is all I can think of, so I hope you enjoyed reading my review.