I still like this game better then Twilight Princess. Its practically endless!

This game is one of the best Legend of Zelda games in my opinion. Its really long, yet still keeps your attention the whole game. There's always something new and there's always more sea to explore. Those reason plus a few minor add ons that weren't in ocarina of time or twilight princess just make it superb. It's animation is great I think, it gives it a cartoonish feel to it. But it's still got all the epic battle scenes just like in the other games. I think that you also feel more ion control in this games then in the other games also.
I loved this game and it was well worth the time it took me to beat it about 3 times. Its the kind of game you will beat, put away and then bring back and play it again. It keeps you playing even after the parts where you just give up because you don't know what to do. But the problem solves itself like all the other games from Legend of Zelda. Final word: If you like Legend of Zelda games: Buy it.