This is the game that got me going.

Ever since I heard about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I wasn't much of a fan for that game. Then I heard that Sonic might be in it so I was excited for that! I decided to get Melee to get ready for the game. After playing that for a while, I was more excited than EVER! The gameplay was fun and highly addictive that I just couldn't wait for Brawl! I was even MORE excited when I heard that Sonic was CONFIRMED to be a playable character! As the months went by, I just kept playing this game to be ready for the total awesomeness that awaited me on December 3rd. Then delayed to February 10th. Then FINALLY March 9th! But enough about that. Melee is an entirely great game despite that its not Brawl. Ever since this game came out in 2001, it was a true masterpiece that every Nintendo fan adored. 25 playable characters like Mario, Link, Samus, Pickachu, Marth, even Mr. Game and Watch! Over 30 unique stages including the massive Hyrule Temple. The gameplay is easy for hardcore gamers to memorize unless they are minors in gaming. There is fan service beyond words in this game. You can adjust the rules and certain game modes. You can have a 99 stock battle whith everyone made of metal at 300% damage. If you got Brawl but don't have any of the other games, get this game. It may not be as fun as Brawl, but at least try it.