Tekken 6 on the PSP is just as good as it was on consoles! Editors choice!

The good:Graphics are pretty good.gameplay is fast and exciting.You can get lots of loot in scenario mode.Online is competitve.Puts up a good fight.Sound effects help add impact.runs at a fast 60 FPS.

The bad:The final boss in tournament/arcade mode can either be your worst nightmare or a breeze to beat.having to complete tournament mode with people you dont know how to use. scenario mode is repetitive and punishing.

Ive been a huge fan of tekken ever since ive played tekken 2 on the PSone. I was quite excited for tekken 6 but in 2009 i didnt have a PS3.Thankfully it was released on the 360.Ive completed it on the 360,but unfortunatly i didnt feel like reviewing it.in 2011 (after getting a PS3 for christmas) i rented it on PS3 and played mostly the online mode.I didnt quite feel like reviewing it.But recently i bought the PSP copy and had even more fun.It was then i felt it was time for the review.

The iron fist tournament is back and basicly You get quite abit of characters to kick ass with.the tekken tradition continues,You use one character,beatup a couple fighters,at the end fight an incredibly challenging (and annoying) boss,then see an ending thats eithier funny or incredibly serious.Then you get a ghost mode (usually has you fight unlimited enemies until you decide to call it quits)the sweet online mode (if you played soulcaliber 4 it will be really familiar)and of course scenario (which didnt make the PSP release but its not a bad thing)

See scenario mode is about lars and his robot companion searching for....something. Its hard to quite follow the story but really it hardly makes sense.That wouldnt matter if the gameplay the mode offerd was fun,and it is but its annoying to have to switch between enemies your fighting and having to revive your partner. Plus its also incredibly frustrating,mostly the bosses.But the only reason to actually play the mode is to earn loot to buy costumes (which by the way are pretty cool)and play tournament mode.Problem is its alittle harder to get money on PSP but there is an interesting mode called gold rish (you try to hit the enemy as much as you can for more cash)

The other modes like arcade,ghost,online and ETC are pretty fun. The combat has you using 4 buttons square,triangle,Circle,and X. It can be pretty easy,knowing you can usually nail some combos by simply chaining some simple combos,but there are some pretty complicated combos that can be put to full use and totally change the direction of the match. But be prepared for the boss fight at the end of arcade/tournament. Hes a real pain and sometimes unfair. But really that depends on who your using. If your like me and really good with hwoarang,you can like totally own him within your first or second try.but if you so happen to fight him with someone you suck with. Prepare to scream at your TV.

The graphics are some of the best ive seen on the PSP. Character models are great and environments are just outstanding. And unlike the console versions you can compare it to the PSP soulcaliber (soul caliber broken destiny)

overall tekken 6 is an awesome fighter.I honestly have nothing more to say but go buy it now!