This game is the very foundation of All RTS and all successful RTS must have this games Mechanics at Heart.

Why am I Just writing a review for this game now? I haven't been able to stop playing this game since the day it came out. Like Crack for to any Strategy loving gamer this game set the bench mark and simply put that should be the last thing anyone says about this game. to put this game up there with pong and pack man would not be over reacting.
What keeps this game alive even til' today is the Battle net. Yes, the very imagineation of the gamers is the thing keeping this game a must need daily fix. It's countless members who i found are loyal to this game to the very end keep this game fresh with new scenarios,
But alas, the sad truth, no Starcraft 2. Yes Brood war was a good expansion ,but I am greedy MF. To see a renewed Starcraft soon would make me down 10 no Dose pills the day before it came out to be able to stand in front of wal-mart for 24 hours.
Yet, I hear no news of a new RTS Starcraft and a small part of me dies a little. But, in the words of TUPAC, Life Goes On. there will always be a small part of me eager fo Starcraft 2.
My Final Thoughts (no im not watching The Springer Show), Thanks to this game we Have Warcraft 3, C&C, Warhammer, and many other Juagernauts soon to come out for the RTS Genre.