Proving that Star Wars will ALWAYS kick Star Trek's Ass!!

User Rating: 9.7 | Star Wars: Battlefront II XBOX
If you thought that the first Battlefront was addicting, imagine being able to respawn as a Yoda(can do so online as well), and force choke your enemies, or better yet, sprint around as only a Jedi can and slice through 30 Stormtroopers with Yoda's green lightsaber. The only phrase that comes to mind is "Freakin' awesome." The larger cross-hair, and less-accurate auto aim are a little bit of a downer at first, but you get over it pretty quickly while fighting with the much smarter and higher numbered computer enemies.

Really, the only thing complaint I even have about Battlefront II is the weird way that you can bark commands to other computer team-mates. Whereas in the first Battlefront, you would use the D-pad to tell your mates to "Move Out", "Stay Put," etc., in the time that I have played Battlefront II, I could only find "Follow Me", and "Stay Put," which both happen to be DOWN on the D-pad, which can be a little awkard, and it seems that your team doesn't respond very well to the commands either.

All in all, if you loved the first Battlefront, BUY THIS GAME, and even if you didn't play the first one, but enjoy Star Wars, BUY THIS GAME, and actually, even if you didn't play Battlefront AND don't like Star Wars, BUY THIS GAME anyway because you obviously live in a hole somewhere and need to be a part of civilized society.